We don’t believe in a “One Size fits All” mentality. We provide customized solutions tailored specific to our Associations’ specific needs and requirements.

Our Services


  •  Most issues arise due to either a lack of; understanding, or a lack of clear concise communication. 
  • We excel in proactively communicating to the Board and all owners minimizing issues for the Board and Owners.
  • Association documents can be confusing & overwhelming.  We pride ourselves on our ability to clearly communicate in layman’s terms the “Legal Jargon” to help owners understand what is required as a member of the Association. 


  • PMA is a full service company that handles all aspects of financial planning and management to ensure the fiscal health of your Association.  
  • We assist the Board with Reserve studies, Budget Planning, and provide a Full Accounting of all the Association books.  
  • We provide high quality, clear and easy to understand financial statements that always represent the latest accurate financial information. 
  • We have a detailed filing system, as well as safe and efficient audit procedures to ensure your Association’s information is accurate and secure. 


  • We are regularly on site and learn about your community. 
  • When there is an issue we act quickly to resolve, preventing small problems from becoming big. 
  • We employ strict follow-up processes for architectural violations, repairs, and maintenance to insure the proper adherence to your association’s regulations and to provide fair and equitable treatment to all owners.


  • Budget Development 
  • Reserve Fund Planning 
  • Financial Management 
  • Competitive Bid Coordination 
  • Contract Administration 
  • Project Management 
  • Site Management & Oversight 
  • Architectural Review inspections & compliance 
  • Owner Communication 
  • Conflict resolution practices 
  • Delinquent Assessment Collection Practices 
  • Homeowner & Board Education 
  • Welcome Packages 
  • Creation & Distribution of Association documentation 
  • Development of Newsletters and other marketing materials